Sled multiplayer mobile game

by thomas evers


    Sled is a game where u need to destroy the castle of the enemy.You can achieve this by drawing paths/avoiding obstacles

    Sled multiplayer mobile game The game is pretty straight forward , you are a cute hero in a time of war. You need to conquer the enemy base , and to do that u have to REACH it! The enemy however is not stupid and has traps ready to stop u! It is now up to YOU to find a fast and secure way and choose the correct lines to reach the destination!

    Sled multiplayer mobile game MULTIPLAYER! The game has a working multiplayer version already , that we are finetuning and adding features too! You have your own base and u can design your own defence with traps and obstacles!

    Sled multiplayer mobile game SINGLEPLAYER! The game also has pre installed levels for u to check out and progress in,through different worlds!

    My part

    I have been working on this project for a while now , and work on the project as the lead programmer.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Revenue is based purely on the impact the game has. On our team we share the profit that everyone's work deserved!
    The game will be FREE and work with ads and in app purchases.

    Risks & challenges

    The risks are pretty straight forward. The game does not do very well and the revenue is low...HOWEVER , there is always a chance the game breaks through and you miss out on a great opportunity!
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      Gianmarco Caputo
      1 year ago
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      Function description

      You make sure the word is out there for the game, trying to find new users constantly!


      DEDICATION is the most important!


      A spot on our team , shared profits!
    ctam tech inc 1 year ago
    this game looks amazing I sent a request to be a advertiser for it and could you please respond to me soon on the request you can send me a message
    ctam tech inc 1 year ago
    and i swear if I become advertiser, I will make sure this game dose not fail and gets lots of views
    thomas evers 1 year ago
    please mail me on my mail: for more info

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