by Orace Jumefer


    Vendetta a style game "Gauntlet, Alien breed, with a very dark atmosphere.


    The spatio-temporal violation of 2072 in Belgium marks the beginning of the decline of Europe. Governments were overtaken by the flow of creatures goings from other worlds, other dimensions. These creatures quickly took control of several cities. Imposing their customs and rites, their cruelties were ruthless. Soon a new economy out of the ground, new drugs, new technologies, new weapons. Nothing could stop them.


    Vendetta is a shooting game, seen from above, like Alien breed, or gauntlet, much darker, more tactical, more nervous.

    Your goal:
    Learn how to close dimensional portals, liberate hostages, destroy threats, restore order and law, and most importantly, stay alive.

    You will find on your road a whole range of weapons and objects that can help you in your missions.


    My part

    I know how to do a bit of everything, sounds, graphs, but mainly I manage the team, I'm involved in the programming part, the game design,
    I also have the idea of a console port
    I developed a demo to have a rendering of the game.

    (Expected) Revenue

    I do not think about it at the moment, but I'm not against.
    Why not a Crowdfunding,, ...
    And a fair sharing according to the investment of each one seems normal to me.

    Risks & challenges

    There are no risks with this project, only one challenge.
    Make a game together and if the current goes well in the team make another, and another: p
    Working on a project with people from other countries, speaking another language, having different ideas can be a challenge, but also an incredible adventure.
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      Jose Chavez
      11 months ago
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      Function description

      Realize all graphics of the game with me, the sets, the objects, characters design.


      Good knowledge of pixel-art Experience in level design


      % on the future profit of the game. Collaboration for other video games.
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