Eye of the Arcane

by AlexT

    I need some creative types who are willing to work towards an RPG strategy game that is heavy in story & mechanics.


    Note: there is no real start date because development has already started in a sense since I planned the game and am now working on it. Though it would be much appreciated to get people on the team who already have experience that I don't to speed up the process, which is why i made this 'team-up'.

    I expect every team member to be passionate about their work and open to the debate for new ideas in order to share a collective vision for where the game is heading.

    example world assets displayed with "Tiled" editor (water and lava is animated but can't show it here):

    Eye of the Arcane


    This is an tile based RPG strategy game with a ton of variety done in a ‘2D minimalistic polygon’ style to save some time on the addition of items, spells, and characters while still remaining aesthetically pleasing; giving an impressionistic effect. The game is presented simplistically but as players discover new weapons and abilities that present their unique purpose the possible number of strategies increase exponentially. The game would have individual mechanics represented as specific abilities/spells (E.g. Teleportation, raising the ground under your feet to gain height, flying, time reversal, etc...) that would increase in strength based on points allocated, and a main focus of this game is to make sure every mechanic is relatively balanced, has a trade off (adding more points into total 'mana' decreases your total stamina and , large weapons have more range but cost more stamina to switch to, etc...), and is simple to understand, the complexity mostly derives from multiple mechanics being used together and in a certain order, turns in this game aren’t taken by one player at a time but rather one team of players being able to choose who does what first during their turn allowing for several more outcomes. This game features a less randomness with no shuffling or "chance to hit" but rather just what spells players initially have chosen to use, what terrain players are on or able to get to, distance of targets, the player's stamina and energy management for dodging, and how able players are to foresee turns ahead; like chess.

    Later on if possible the game would feature a non-linear story and player side co-op like “Divinity 2: original sin” but with the added feature of Arenas and encounters with other co-op groups at random, something like “Dark souls Invasions” to make the game feel not as empty.

    some vector environment/character concepts and weapon assets:

    Eye of the Arcane


    Eye of the Arcane


    Eye of the Arcane


    The story of the game takes some inspiration from Oblivion's "shivering isles" DLC and Dark Souls, and will feature heavy surrealism, traveling between realms/dimensions and across time, fighting gods, meeting strange characters that have adapted to the nature of their realm, and the horrific monstrosities that roam the void between realms. Players will have the choice of unique sentient races/classes that wouldn't usually be playable in traditional RPGs; like dragons, spirits, undead (vampires), and mechanical non-humanoid creatures that all have their own fundamental mechanics that can entirely change the experience both story-wise and gameplay-wise. The game takes place in a world that is merging with other dimensions of itself causing strange events and distortions between the real and the unreal. I'm hoping to have a branching story with a sense of openness to the world and the players' options dependent of the situation though that can be added in later if it's too much work. 

    I could go on for hours, and I have all the base mechanics, rules, and story of this game are already written down, planned out and i am open to your suggestions and additions if you are willing to help.


    -No Randomization in Mechanics.

    -No Percentages or complex numbers (to simplify the mechanics and make the game easier to balance).

    -No Filler Areas or diverting side-quests, everything should carry into to and change the main story (though it doesn’t need to at first) in some way in order to let the player know that what they have done matters and has changed the direction of the story.

    -No Repetition, grinding, linear upgrades, or spam strategy, player progression is derived from skill and an understanding of the game.

    -No obvious direction of what to do or where to go (force players to explore and not skip over the story).

    -No time based mechanics (players are strictly rewarded for strategic play).

    My part

    I'll mainly be responsible for organizing group meetings (in person and online) at least once a week and discussing our goals to overall direct and clarify the group on what the vision for this game is and what needs doing. On the other hand I want to give members a lot of creative freedom which is why the setting of the game is open to almost anything when the game takes place between several dimensions.
    I will be switching between and working on the art for the game, the programming, along with the storytelling and also hope to learn and share experience with group members.

    (Expected) Revenue

    This game is for an audience of players who want a test of their skill and intuition and has a high potential for competitive play which would increase it's lifespan and rake in a following.
    On the other hand, the game could be hard to understand and isn't for a general audience.
    There is no definite "end" date for this project and I hope as the project becomes more visible we may be able to receive crowd funding.
    I will share the profit of the game equally but generally based on the quality and effort put into the work.

    Risks & challenges

    I have college so I might not always be available to work on the game directly but I should always be able to discuss with and manage the group online.
    The main challenge will be finding people who share the same passion for working and game making as I, and who also share similar interests in games.
    There's also the issue with trying to get everyone to meet up at the same time for regular meetings.
    I wouldn't say there'd be any risks that would terminate the project as I will carry on making the game myself if need be.
      • Writer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
      Daniel Hein
      6 days ago
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      Function description

      Help Write the game dialogue, create personalities, and add depth to the story.


      Passion for outlandish fantasy, like the world of Dark Souls or the elder scrolls where anything is possible and isn't easily understood.


      %of profit and an experience to meet new people who share similar interests and an opportunity to learn from each-other.
      • Programmer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
      Karel Houf
      1 day ago
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      Function description

      Make the game actually work. bug-test, etc...


      -Experience and familiarity with a game engine; preferably Unity. -programming experience: C# --optional-- -familiarity with player hosting.


      %of profit and my own experience and knowledge from college, and an experience to meet new people who share similar interests and an opportunity to learn from each-other.
      • Sound and Music Producer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
      Rick Wayfarer
      1 week ago
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      Function description

      Make the game sound good with the detailing of sfx and music.


      -Experience with DAW(s). I'm looking for someone who is able to write and make their own music and in a similar style to Carpenter Brut, or who has their own style entirely, preferably with synths and/or classical instruments. I'm looking for aggressive themes for boss-fights and stuff.


      % of profit and the experience to meet new people who share the similar interests and an opportunity to learn from each-other.
      • Graphic Designer and Animator

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Help with sprites characters and animation but mainly animation considering the simplistic style of the game.


      -Photoshop (look at the dragon, that's about the quality i'm looking for) -illustrator -able to animate polygons, should be simple enough, though i am unfamiliar if there is any vector animation software to speed up the process.


      %of profit, my own experience with Photoshop, and an experience to meet new people who share the similar interests and an opportunity to learn from each-other.
    Bandi Umashankar 2 weeks ago
    Hello Alex, I am from India and I am interested to work on this game, I am a student and I am not a pro but I do want to learn more, so I can help you in story writing and if you need I can also help you to create a website for the game.
    Colin Powell 2 weeks ago
    I would like to find out some more about your game before committing to help please. We able to talk more?
    Alexi Cassidy 2 weeks ago
    [This comment is removed by the project owner]
    AlexT 1 week ago
    Sorry if the job descriptions are a bit vague and the “carpenter brut” comparison in the music producer description is incorrect for the feel of the game (you’d rather want to refer to the game music of the games I’m taking inspiration from for the story in the project description), you’ll have to contact me and ask questions so I know what needs answering for more on specifics. Thanks for your interest.

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