Guard It Steal It

by Anomic


    A 1v1 multiplayer based game. 1 Guard , 1 Thief , 1 Object.

    The project is a very simple concept. There is one guard , on thief and one object of interest that the thief needs to steal. The thief has special abilities that will aid him in his retrieval of the object. Or just not to get caught by the guard.

    The thief is defenseless and can only hide or run from the guard if the guard ever manages to see the thief.

    The object location and password of the safe which it is in will be on the guard or on a random location on the map. The safe is randomly placed as well.

    Mechanics - THIEF

    ✔ When in shadows , the player is almost invisible , but the glow of his eyes give him out unless he closes them (next mechanic), and when in light , he becomes more and more visible the closer he is to any lightsource. ✔ - The thief can close his eyes to eliminate his glow but of course - he will not see anything. - The thief is fast and nimble unlike the guard. - The thief has no way of defending himself , but he can run and he can hide. - The thief can lockpick doors. - If the thief breaks anything (valuable (ie. a vase in a museum)) , he loses instantly and the guard wins. - When the thief finds the safe he can only open it with the code. - When the thief is carrying the object of interest (OOI) he can not interact with anything else unless he places it down on the ground.

    Mechanics - GUARD

    - The guard will be equipped with a taser , but with only one shot. The taser will somewhat incapacitate the thief but for a short while. While the thief is incapacitated , the guard can come to him and use him baton to keep him down or arrest him. The thief can die , but that causes an end of the round and no one wins. The guard will also have a flashlight that he can use. - The guard is slow but if he punches the thief once , the thief will fall and be open for arresting or death. - The guard can hide the code if he finds it or rewrite it to make a fake code. (The code in the map can be changed but the one on the guard will always be the real code). - The guard can lock doors but he needs the right key for each door. - The guard can not be killed but he can be stunned by the thief if the thief throws an object at him. - The guard can put back the object back into the safe if he finds it lying around.

    The game will start off with the thief in a random position on the map (preplaced , not random) , and the guard will spawn always at his office.

    There will be no time limit just for the sake of fun and roleplay.

    The game will mostly be set to be fun for both the Guard and Thief and there will mainly be roleplaying. Implementing VOiP would be nice but that is to be discussed.

    The sounds in the game will be somewhat simulated and realistic. If the thief runs , he will be heard quite clearly , but if he sneaks he will be heard less , simple. If a sound is behind a wall it will be muffled for the listener on the opposite side of the wall from the audio source. Same goes for doors and other big objects. Sound will be a big part of this game just because it will be really hard to spot the thief. So it's more of a guessing game and listening for the thief to make a sound.

    So far i have not done much work on the game but i have created an alpha version of the Thief playermodel and basic animations for movement. The programming part is not far into development either since I've only done the ticked part above that are listed in the mechanics.

    My part

    I will do all of the game's art. That includes sound , textures , materials , particle effetcs , etc...

    I will also do the general management and setting up of the plan of development.

    (Expected) Revenue

    This game will be free on but will be set to "pay what you want". So if we get any donations , we split it.

    Do not expect to be paid while the game is in development (unless we release an alpha and ask for donations).

    Risks & challenges

    Multiplayer networking , coding in the mechanics and the team falling apart.
      • Unity Network Programmer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      This role will be the main programmer. You will be programming every aspect of the game with my help.


      Very good UNet knowledge (or any other multiplayer scripting technique). Unity3D Knowledge , C# knowledge. Over the age of 18.


      The revenue of the game. Aka the donations.
    SWSDB 1 year ago
    This project was really having me interested but I don't think I meet your requirements as I still am a student and have yet a lot to discover. Geat concept anyway, I look forward to this game.

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