by Sebastien Kerbrat


    A web-based multiplayer sport game where each player controls a character with abilities and tries to score goals.

    I started creating this game as a copy of the Starcraft II mod Hover

    I really enjoyed playing this mod but there are not so many people playing on starcraft arcade and it can be quite bothersome to download this big game.

    So my intention is to create a game at least as good as Hover and continue to improve its gameplay. But to also make it easier to access. Just giving a link to the game should allow new players to play it within a minute.

    At the moment I have a playable version of the game ( 

    But there are still several things that we need to work on :

    • Looks of the game and the UI.
    • Improve the gameplay using playtests
    • Fix bugs
    • Better error messages, faster loading time, ...

    The plan is to progressively show the game in new communities (forums, discords, ...) and continually improve the game at the same time.

    Following this plan, the objective would be to have some players playing the game regularly on their own during summer 2018.

    My part

    I have now worked on this game for a little more than a year during my free time. At the moment I am doing everything on my own, programming, game design, VFX, modeling, finding testers.

    On the art side though, it seems like I am reaching the limit of what I can do to make the game look better.

    For now, I plan to continue being the sole game designer, programmer and take care of promoting the game.

    (Expected) Revenue

    My personal objective on this game is primarily to get better at making games, to meet other people passionate about game development and to get some street credit in the industry.

    Therefore having people play the game is more important than earning money.
    I plan to release the game completely free at the beginning without any microtransactions.
    But if the game is well received and we secure a good player base, it would be possible to add some buyable cosmetics.

    If we get good feedback on the game but we still struggle to get players because we lack the marketing power. I would also consider going to a publisher.

    If we come to that point, we would share the revenues depending on our contributions to the game.

    Risks & challenges

    * It could be hard to get people's attention.
    * It will be important to balance the time spent improving the game with the time spent promoting the game.
      • 3D Environment and Character artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Your role would be to turn a prototype with programmer art into a game looking polished and finished. Deciding what we will need to do to get there and if we need to recruit more art people would also be part of your responsibilities. Ideally, I am looking for someone who can create 3D environments and characters as well as add textures to them. That may be too much to ask of one person, so if you have part of this skillset and you would be willing to work with someone else, don't hesitate to apply.


      You have a portfolio demonstrating that you can do 3D art. You have a feel for 3D art and you know or are willing to learn what needs to be done to make the game look better. You can work autonomously as well as communicate effectively.


      The possibility to show off your art skills on a fully functional game. A cool partnership working on something that we care about. Part of the profits depending on your contribution.
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