Blob Project

by GRArthas


    Blob is a 2D Puzzle game, your main objective is to get passed the gate and finish the level to unlock the next one.

    Blob Project is a puzzle platformer with the objective to reach the gate so you can finish the level and unlock the next one, to do all that you need to possess different creatures so far we got bat, ant, and spider. Each of them have a different ability so you can reach your goal.

    The game has a prototype that was made in 10 hours for a game jam the artist left so that's why i am searching for an artist.

    the game was made in 10 hours i included all the bugs that i had no time to fix in the video i am an experienced programmer so in the next days after the artist joins everything will be much more smooth. Alpha 0.1:

    My part

    I am the programmer / Level designer i've been in the game development with other people around the world for about 4 years and a programmer for 7 to 8 years.

    (Expected) Revenue

    I am planning on uploading the game on steam a friend of mine that uploaded a game said that steam contacts you so you can all decide upon a price.

    To get more people i am planning on sharing at forums, i know some youtubers and we will have devlogs every week.

    And i plan on 50-50 for rev-share.

    Risks & challenges

    There are actually no risks since it is a small project with a prototype already i believe that everything will go smoothly.
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      calvin edge
      1 year ago
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      Function description

      Your part is the graphics of the game it doesn't have to be the tiles since the prototype already has that but i want a remake for the creatures and the player and probably the background.


      It doesn't have to be as good as the current graphics that i had from the artist that left because he joined only for the game jam but i want someone that knows how to do animations basic stuff.


      50-50 revenue as i mentioned.
    Vincentius Sesarius 1 year ago
    Hey, I'm not sure if I can deliver the finished product of the creature because I don't know about the programming platform you're using, but I'm sure I can do the concepts either the character and or the background, at least until it's finished in Photoshop, and we can decide how to move things from Photoshop to the programming platform and make it work. I'm not sure whether or not you've seen my character concept box, and there 3 of them. Maybe it's not the style for puzzle games, but I'm sure I can work on that.

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