Holy Watch

by Bar Shulman


    A slingshot TD mobile game made in "Defold" engine We are in the middle of development .

    Concept: The players goal is to shoot the enemies with a slingshot mechanic and stopping them from escaping.

    When an enemy reaches the bottom of the screen the player will lose health . Each enemy has different behavior strength speed etc. there will be power ups, explosive and special kills.

    The player will progress through different levels with specific missions and achievements all along upgrading his avatar.

    Story: You are an angel your job is to watch that no one is escaping HELL.

    How to play: Drag the halo to aim and release to shoot.

    Our game is a Slingshot\Tower defense shooter targeted for mobile platforms.

    We are a team of 2 people, myself doing the creative stuff another friend who is responsible for the "biz" part unfortunately our programmer don't have time to continue working on the game but he will help guide who ever comes aboard so don't be afraid if you are not familiar with the game engine.

    We are in middle of development, at  the moment we have a working build with all the basic game mechanics and a fair amount of art already implemented.

    Both of us  are professionals with experience in our fields.

    Our dream is to get the game on Google Play Store and the App store. We are very committing to do so and have fun all the way there :)

    My part

    I'm responsible for all the creative part in the game
    My background is in 3D Animation with game related experience.

    (Expected) Revenue

    We are all working on the game in our free time.
    This is a partnership opportunity .
    Our goal is to publish and see revenue from ads and in app purchases.

    Risks & challenges

    Seeing it through . We are very committed and we hope that anyone joining will be too.
      • Programmer

      • 4-8 h.p.w
      sergei pilipenko
      12 months ago
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      Function description

      We are looking for someone that can handle all the programming aspect of the game from start to finish. Someone that is passionate about making games. Our game is made in "Defold" game engine. *"Defold knowledge is not a requirement. Have fun :)


      Programming . "Defold" the engine we are using is a "Lua" language (No previews "Lua" experience needed)


      Partnership A percentage of the profits, if any made.
    AffectionforDiamonds 12 months ago
    I think that this actually can have really a lot of potential, the art is amazing, but the genre is not that popular, why not to make it for pc and give a twist to the genre of the game?
    Bar Shulman 12 months ago
    Hi Thanks for the kind words :) Our goal is to have a twist on the genre but our target platform for now is mobile .

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