Ancient Beast

by Dread Knight


    1vs1 or 2vs2 esport: Turn based strategy game where you materialize & control creatures with unique stats and abilities.

    There's quite a lot of information regarding the project on the official website, feel free to check it out:

    Ancient Beast

    My part

    I design the game and constantly figuring out improvements and balances, as well as fixes. I give people tasks to work on. I've made the official website for the project and also managing various social networks for it. Constantly looking for contributors. Designed tools to help the workflow and constantly doing notes, sketches, drawings and 3d models.
    I get involved with the community and listed to feedback.
    Constantly playtesting the game with others from all around.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Small contributions tend to be rewarded with crediting and when budget is available, there are financial rewards as well.

    Would be nice to find a partner, either a coder or a sponsor.

    Risks & challenges

    Parts of the code base need to be rewritten in order to pave the way for a very important feature the project is currently lacking: online multiplayer. Until getting there, project will be rather underground. Will need to find someone up for the task.

    Another challenge will be getting top notch blender artists to 3d model and animate each playable character, as it's quite a demanding task which will require either require for the project to become profitable or to raise some funding.
      • Javascript coder

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Looking for a few coders to help out with small bug fixes. I have a great attention to detail (OCD's), little patches go a long way. I constantly test the game alone or with various testers and report what I find in out project's Github issue tracker. There are also more features planned, which are a bit more demanding time and skill wise in comparison and require a better knowledge of the project's codebase.


      - experience with Javascript coding language - decent enough understanding of English - understanding the core gameplay mechanics - version control /git/Github knowledge - latest stable version of Google Chrome - setting up the project locally for dev purposes Optional: - joining our Discord server - using a proper IDE, such as - experience with our game engine - experience with Node.js / websockets / WebRTC


      It all comes down to what you can bring to the table to say so. Experience, crediting, financial rewards, even a slice of the pie.
    Dread Knight 1 year ago
    Check out the repo

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