Save The Earth needs a great marketer

by Pooya Hassani


    Save The Earth! is a crazy bullet hell game which is made for the Android platform and is in open beta stage now.

    A little bit about the game itself: Save The Earth! is a bullet hell game in which user takes the control of the planet Earth (or other planets purchasable from the planet store). The goal is to dodge all the crazy stuff in the outer space (rockets, UFOs, satellites, meteors etc) to survive as long as possible. The game also has additional features like power ups to make it more interesting.

    The game is all made and ready to be published. However, we might alter it upon beta testers' requests. That said, we're approximately ready for the launch, but before that we'd like to gather a user base (using social media and other means) so that we'll get a kick start in downloads by the time we launch the game.

    My part

    We're already a team, and I'm the graphic designer. As I've mentioned before the game is pretty much done and is in the open beta stage currently.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Since this is a rev-share project, you'll get a good fixed portion of the income as the marketer.

    Risks & challenges

    Well, there doesn't seem to be any special risks since you are not going to financially invest anything.
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      Ben Sibila
      12 months ago
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      Function description

      As the marketer, you'll be managing the social media accounts, interacting with possible users (in or outside of social media) and trying to gather together a user base that'd be happy to download the game right after the game is launched. However, we'll also continue our collaboration after the launch and during that time you'll be tasked with promoting the game in favor of more downloads and also interacting with users so that we can hear from them in order to improve the game the way it pleases the players.


      All we ask for is that you put in enough effort and time to actually get the job done and gather as many users as you can and also interact with them. It's also crucial that you keep the rest of the team up to date about the progress.


      A good fixed portion of the income.
    Bandi Umashankar 12 months ago
    Hi I am Umashankar and I am from India. I don't have much experience but I can help you. I can bring you players and be active on promotions

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