Tower Defense

by Levi Geers

    A slower paced Tower Defense game, but with Research and Crafting mechanics.

    In this project, we will be making a slow pace tower defence game.

    Instead of just buying weapons, you will need to select a blueprint to research (all blueprints need to be researched at when you want to use it for the first time), and when that's done you can know what resources you will need to build the weapon. Then you can send some workers out to find and get the resources.

    We will need to decide if we want a winning condition or just an endless wave system.

    My part

    I am the developer of this project. I will be coding the game for this game.

    Since I am a game development student, we also learn basic 3D modelling (in Maya), so if you want I could help with some modelling.

    (Expected) Revenue

    If we want to we can sell the game and split the profit (if we get some).

    Risks & challenges

    If we are all motivated for making and publishing the game, I am sure we will get there.
      • 3D Artist

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      You will be making the 3D models for the game. I personally really like Low Poly, but we could also just use High Poly if that's preferred.


      Basic knowledge on making 3D models and animations. Motivated to finish the development of the game.


      I can help you if you run into problems, but only in Maya.
      • UI Artist and Designer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
      Stefen Gray
      2 weeks ago
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      Function description

      You will be designing and making the 2D UI (User Interface) for the game.


      Understanding of how to design and create a good UI.


      I also learn 2D and Game design at school, so I can help with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (although I only have the basics of those software)

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  • Starting: Nov 09, 2017
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Levi Geers

Gouda, Netherlands
3D Artist
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UI Artist and Designer
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