Penguin Evader

by ovidiu dragos

partially successful

    Find people that share a similar passion for making games and can relate to my ideas and style.

    This project is an artsy evader game where you play a Penguin that tries to escape a Snowman possessed by the evil spirit of H.H.Holmes (obtained by wearing a evil hat).

    The main objective of the game is to evade the snowman and his minions for a certain amount of time (until a portal opens and you can progress to another level) while also collecting cinnamon sticks and strange white cubes for your special tea. (You regain a life by eating a sardine.) Penguin Evader

    I am hoping to gather some enthusiastic and talented people (programmers, musicians, Unity wizards and even some game publishers or supporters if possible) to help me bring this game to life and even, if we get along nicely start a game development team!

    If you do plan to send me a message use the word "penguin" at the start so I know you read and understand what it is all about! Also I would prefer people that are near my timezone, plus or minus 2 hours from Greenwich meridian would be great.

    My part

    I can be the 3D modeler and game logic designer for this short project.

    (Expected) Revenue

    I don't plan to make money out of this project so I can't pay you. You will have only the joy of making a small game come to life... possibly for the winter holidays!?

    If by any chance there will be a sponsor... then we might get some money going but this idea is far from being real.
    The Kickstarter demo idea would be great but I am not from a country that supports Kickstarter! :(

    In short: We will be free to roam the icy wilderness with only our warm fuzzy hearts!

    Risks & challenges

    The challenge is to improve yourself while creating a game!
    The risk is that I might not be able to finish what I started if I have to change my work schedule or get a job offer as a professional sand sailor monkey or even worse: die! :(
      • Programmer that knows Unity

      • 2-4 h.p.w
      Matheus Victor
      12 months ago
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      Function description

      He|She will be responsible for the programming part of the game. If he|she is good with Unity also for making the game look a bit sharper\better by using some post process effects and good shaders it will be super!


      I would like Him|Her to have some experience in game design\programming because I am only good with the 3D modeling. I would not be able to help them much related to the programming part so, if they are unskilled, then we cannot make the game work. :(( I will ask questions about what I can do to make the game work so I can improve myself too! It would be great if he| she is from Cluj-Napoca so we can meet face to face and talk!


      If we connect : a chance to be part of the Penguin Pyramid team and make wonderful surreal games together![image=2578]
      • Musician

      • 1-2 h.p.w
      Michael Kim
      12 months ago
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      Function description

      He\She would be responsible for making the music in the game, the ambient and soundtrack. If he\she is interested in creating possible creature sounds or nature sounds for the characters and ambient that would be super!


      It's a bit subjective here, everybody likes different music styles but if I would have to choose a similar style it would be in the range of : Ishome, Felix Laband, Joanna Newsome, Tomas Dvorak, Jean Michael Jarre, Mogwai, Hidden Orchestra but really don't know, maybe more to the instrumental experimental chill side. PS: Don't get offended if I reject you, it doesn't mean you are not good, it means my shitty elephant ear can't relate to your music. :)


      If we connect: a chance to be part of the Penguin Pyramid team and make wonderful surreal games together![image=2578]
      • Rigger Animator

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      He\She should be responsible for the rigging and animation of the few items and characters in the game .


      Maybe someone who has a bit of experience and has worked for the gaming industry but if you're skilled and have good animation it's golden anyway. I myself, do know basic rigging and animation so if you work with Blender then I can be of help. Hopefully or you can even teach me a thing or two!:)


      If we connect : a chance to be part of the Penguin Pyramid team and make wonderful surreal game together![image=2578]
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Programmer that knows Unity
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