Xpunk Graphical Novel

by Michael Lazlo


    Crosspunk [Xpunk] graphical 2.5D novel, written in 3rd person, embracing the warm story of each of the main characters.

    INITIALLY AN RPG GAME CONCEPT, this project went through various phases on development. For not the right decision might be to finish the simple conceptualising to the end, when it would become a mass of enriching the EQ for the participants of this project and for the readers or players.

    Xpunk Graphical Novel

    Went past the initial dream for many young people of an MMORPG and narrowed down to a novel, this project is suitable for anybody willing to provide their skills for free, being for that, hobby, building a portfolio, good will, developing the project further into a game or animated movie. The project is targeting a person with lots of free time, who wants to be productive instead of eating kebabs over the new episode of his favourite shows! A person with desire to develop himself towards concept art design would be mostly appreciated.


    The story is set in the world of Erruia, a fictional land world on the back of a titanic sea turtle. The year is 2093, without it having any relation to the real Earth representation of the future. The setting is Xpunk based, which would mean, that it is embracing Steampunk and Cyberpunk genres and are mixing them together. While the setting is more of a "The great discovery age", "The age of piracy" oriented, it gets a notch from the future, inspired by various movies, such a Studio Ghibli's wonderful animations, The 100, The Shannara Chronicles, The last man on Earth and many others post-apocalyptic movies and stories. SAIL THE OCEAN ON THE BACK OF A TURTLE AND SHAPE ITS CONTENT WITH YOUR ART SKILLS!


    Xpunk Graphical Novel


    Xpunk Graphical Novel


    Xpunk Graphical Novel


    My part

    Yo, my name is Michael and am looking forward to work with you! 24 years old and been through several teamups on her and different platforms for developing new projects, I surely can say that am looking to work with 1 or 2 more people. Trying to do something from distance and not having motivation for that, letting other people demotivating the team with their negative attitude and just trying to finish the puzzle of people's desires and emotions is just an opportunity that may shine on few of us here. You know... the puzzle is left undone post of the times and if you set yourself to finish 5k pieces in 20 minutes, you would be disappointed. The goal is to set yourself to do a puzzle of 100 pieces in 20 minutes, every time you are free and eventually the 5k pieces would come by themselves, without even realising.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Ideal for students, building portfolio
    Ideal for good willed hobbyists
    Ideal for dreamers
    Ideal for EVERYONE, who wants to train their skills at the return of nothing financially for the time of this project.

    If you read MY PART and about the puzzle of 5k pieces, you should know that beyond the 5k pieces lies the success and money. This is all a SCRUM based project, which would be build and evaluated on weekly basis. So if you set up your mind to finish something in 3 months, you probably would fail, then set up your mind to finish something every week and there is your stimulation and satisfaction. Might take 4 months then... but hey, you wont fail and you would have done everything from 300% to 500% better. That is some science I am talking here, read about it, if you do not believe me! :)

    Risks & challenges

    I find this project, a lot simpler than, building a game, even tough the initial idea of it is originating from an MMORPG.

    Being able to follow SCRUM procedures, would make everything more productive and lead risk to the minimum.

    I am determined and am dong this quite often, it is up to you not to lose the spark and I would do my best to let that not happen for you. YOU ARE A VALUABLE PERSON!
      • Concept Art Map Designer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Top down concept art map is needed for this project, shaping the world together in details. The basic concepts are built and are waiting just for you.


      Being positive and skilled. Be straight with your thoughts and expressions, do not hold it back if you do not like something, just face it, share and we would solve it. Auto Realm software - free to download, so you can actually explore the whole map. Do paint your way and your style on whatever you want.


      This is a self enriching option, for you to work on something, if you always wondered what it would be. A great opportunity to develop an amazing portfolio!

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