Warlocks The Bloodtower

by Andrea Vassago


    Table-top miniature game for 2 to 10 players inspired by three of the most popular genres: MOBA, RPG and Wargames

    Warlocks: The Bloodtower is a table-top miniatures game for 2 to 10 players, inspired by three of the most popular and attractive game (and videogame) genres of recent years: The MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), The Dungeon Crawling RPG type and tradional wargames.

    With a random generation of the map and of all of the events involved, Warlocks offers its players a new and challenging game experience, where cooperation among allies is vital, and the competion between two opposing teams is frantic.

    Depending on the number of participants, each player may take command of a whole squad of five heroes (Warlocks), or take the role of a single one. Whether he takes the lead of an entire team or a single Warlock, the objective remains always the same: to destroy the enemy HQ and gain victory.

    The path to glory, hovewer, is not free of danger. Besides having to respond to the tactics of the opposite team, and counter the attacks of its mighty Warlocks, players will have to deal with a wild and hostile world, that will do anything to lead them into defeat.

    My part

    As creator and first author of the product, I've dealt with core rules and mechanics. I designed the "practical" side of the 10 characters, about 40 game events, as many encounters. I was also responsible for the setting and the underlying plot.

    During the development of the game, I'll keep doing this by continuing to add improvements and corrections.

    Lastly, I'll have the task to maintain contacts with suppliers (miniature producers, professional print shops)

    (Expected) Revenue

    We'll start the Kickstarter Campaign as soon as we've completed the playtest phase, satisfactorily promoted the product and created enough graphic material to show as preview for backers.

    The funding will solely serve to initiate the mass production (starting with the backers) and further develop the game.

    At this point, the product will be sold through the regular channels with priority being given to the online distribution.

    All revenues derived from sale will distributed among all creators in accordance with a pre-made written contract.

    Risks & challenges

    - Kickstarter Campaign may not be successful. In this case, we'll have to find out why, trying to right the wrongs and do another attempt.

    - The Kickstarter Campaign may work fine, but not the massive sell-off in the market. In this case, we'll must rethink the way we promote the game and maybe choose a different sales channel.

    However, all these types of risks could be avoided by making a good product.
      • 2D Artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      IMPORTANT: THE NEED IS TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE ILLUSTRATOR. All depends on how much time every single artist can spend in the product. So please, keep applying if you're interested. As 2D Artist these will be the main tasks: - Design the game map (split into different square tiles) starting from a preexisting prototype version. The map shall include many details, like walls, dungeon zones with walking paths and wooded areas. - Draw and design the concept for each character, that they later send to the 3D ARTIST for the creation of the model. - Draw the rest of the graphic material, including character and card illustrations


      Knowledge of Digital Drawing and Sketching Lot of passion and enthusiasm


      Credits, as well as an agreed percentage of any revenues from the sale of the product
      • Lead 3D Artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      As 3D Lead Artist this will be the main task: - Sculpting 3D Model of characters starting from 2D concept


      Knowledge of sculpting software for 3D modeling


      Credits, as well as an agreed percentage of any revenues from the sale of the product
    Anj Avraam 1 year ago
    This sounds very interesting and it's an area I'm involved in too - are you on social media? I'd be interested in following the project.

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