Space Travel Simulator Survival Game

by Josie Senneff


    It's a game where you travel space at crazy speeds and learn about it's mysteries that lie beyond our sight.

    This is a space travel simulator/survival type game. You'll start on your home planet and work your way up to traveling through space! There might be a story if we can get the people to do it. If we do have one, it'll probably be something where you discover creepy things far away from your home planet.

    My part

    I will be coding most of it and probably be doing a lot of everything that's inside Unity. I just need people to help for things like sound and animations/3D models and maybe to help out with coding and what not. Anybody is appreciated though :)

    (Expected) Revenue

    I don't expect to get much from it because I'm a low level game developer but hopefully we will be able to sell it for $5 or more :) But I do not have any money I'm giving out for helping but you'll get a portion of the revenue we get from the places we sell it.

    Risks & challenges

    The risks and challenges will probably be keeping people online and together. I've tried before and everybody goes offline after around a day. We can't have that. Another one is that this is kinda a big project but hopefully we can automate it with scripts and procedural generation and stuff.
      • 3D Designer Animator Coder Sound Designer Artists

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Any of these are good. We really need these for the project because right now it looks like a low level indie game and I want it to look and feel AAA. You will be doing exactly what those say. 3D Modeler for spaceships, possible characters, weapons and other things. Animator for those things also, Unity coder will be helping me out with anything I need help with/will be doing some of their own work. Sound Designer will create custom sounds for spaceship engines, guns, possible characters, ambient noises and possible creatures and more. Artists will basically make the game look AAA. I want it to look a little like No Man's Sky in the sense of it being "cartoony" but this will by no means be a copy of it.


      You HAVE to be online at least once every other day. You will have to or at least get close to your weekly dev goal for the game. We will probably have weekly meetings in the discord text channel. For more information on that, message me.


      You will get a portion of the money we get from selling the game.

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