My Harem Mobile Clicker

by Kevin T


    Do you like Anime? Mobile Games? I'm making a mobile clicker game here based on anime memes.

    "My Harem" 

    My Harem Mobile Clicker

    My Harem is a mobile clicker featuring a main character who hacks and slashes mobs to drop loot to which one of the young girls in his harem runs around picking the loot up.

    My Harem Mobile Clicker

    Each girl has a few special abilities to help your main character wack mobs better and progress through a cheesy meme filled story.

    1. Current Stage Of Development

    The game is currently 40-50% complete, 16/40 required mobs are generated as well as 100 generated waves for the user to progress through for roughly 2h of clicking.

    The game requires internet 24/7. The basics of cloud functionality is complete, storing user data and performing requests during game-play.

    I manage everything client and server side. One less thing for you to worry about and focus on content! :D

    The game is being developed for Android only.

    2. End Product

    It's intended to be played in 30 min sessions and function as a time-sink whilst you wait for something more pertinent in real life.

    4 girls to be unlocked over time providing unique abilities and enhancing the users game-play.

    500 generated levels for the user to click through ( 100 per girl + bonus )

    The final product: a polished free android title with an active player-base (fingers crossed)


    40%+ of the hard work has already been done from Cloud storage to game-play. A further 8 weeks from now is being spent on adding features and working out the finer details.

    Tools Used

    Git , Unity and Photoshop is heavily used throughout the project.

    What is needed from you?

    1. A Complete game design taking into account the specifications set out above ( girls, themes, skills, combat, icons, etc)
    2. Implementation of said specifications into the game, strictly applying the data. (I will provide tooling support for you)
    3. A heart of gold and willingness to learn along with me.


    A heads up

    Im extremely aggressive against the 'management' type... No offence intended here.


    My part

    I am the sole member on this project and it is currently 40% complete.

    I deal with everything throughout the project from Game-play, Game Tools, Cloud, UI and animation from time to time.

    I will also deal with everything related to releasing the application.

    All third-party assets are paid via direct purchase thus no need for artists.

    (Expected) Revenue


    There is currently no monetization model in this game.

    This may change in the future and if so, 15-35% revenue share for a year would be the starting point. Depending on commitments and contribution. Happy to negotiate.

    Please understand that the priority is a polished product over everything else.

    Risks & challenges

    1: Investing in a team mate that is not dedicated and losing time.
    2: Project becoming an echo-chamber of nothingness

    1: Getting the product on Android to the level of Polished before January 1st 2018

    2: Producing a game on par with AAA developers.
      • Game Designer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Outlining the overall game-play design and mechanics. Outlining any ideas relating to generating content within our limitations ( lack of models, repetitive game-play ) Outlining combat calculations, skill costs and other parameters. Implementing the above features that have been outlined, character specifications, skills and other data into Unity. I put roughly 32 hours a week into project, you may not have to push this many hours but if you think you may not be able to commit then I am not sure this project is for you.


      - Willingness to actively learn! - Unity Experience is a plus. - High school maths is a minimum


      A hug and any support for Unity or Cloud.
    Merlygames 11 months ago
    [This comment is removed by the project owner]
    Merlygames 11 months ago
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    Merlygames 11 months ago
    Hi, I saw your game and I had like to know what do you really need. I made a 2d game, I'm a novice writer. but I had like to have the fifty percent of the profit
    Merlygames 11 months ago
    low connection glitch
    Kevin T 11 months ago
    Thank you for sharing your interest with me so quickly! It's completely in 3D with 2D elements for UI, Emotes and Shaders. I have updated the links in the project description which includes screenshot as of late and additional information including expectations at the end. Feel free to message me directly, I'm happy to expand on any areas.
    Merlygames 11 months ago
    But what do you need as game design?
    Kevin T 11 months ago
    Documentation concerning everything, game-play, skills, costs, themes and how they all relate. To which I will refer to and implement.
    Merlygames 11 months ago
    Okay, sign me in then. I will do my best.
    Bandi Umashankar 11 months ago
    Hi I am quite interested in Anime and I like your game and I can help you... This is my email:, you can send me email to the id

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