EgoShooter eyes are open

by Christopher Shelley


    We are building a crazy online FPS like counterstrike - except the players are invisible

    I'm looking initially for a sound designer for the Alpha release and I am managing DevOps, asset creation and general programming. I feel quality music and sound is really necessary for an impactful initial experience.

    I aim to have a free web-based playable Alpha live before December and a less buggy native product for sale 4 months after that.

    I will also require collaborators to work on map building and character and weapon modelling. C# / Unity guys are welcome, as my background is almost entirely JS/NodeJS. A business guy is also welcome.

    A big part of this project is fun, I'm ultimately making this game for myself because I think it will be fun. So if you think it would be fun for you to contribute, please get in touch!

    My part

    I've built an experimental online FPS, which takes the traditional formula ( Counterstrike being the archetypal example ) and slightly tweaks key gameplay mechanisms.

    In the same way that Overwatch took a traditional MMOFPS and pushed it into another dimension, I've made a similar departure, except instead of doing this through 'character classes', I've modified the underlying game mechanics themselves.

    In this game, not only does the player have to abide the rules of warfare, but also factor in new concepts such as their own vision and visibility. Each game starts with all players being visually cloaked. However there are a number of actions that can lead to any player being blind and exposed.

    (Expected) Revenue

    I'm not a business guy, but I see that new bold ideas push industries forward and that being first with an idea is usually very lucrative.

    Risks & challenges

    Building an FPS is not easy. Running an online server-based game 24/7 globally is not easy.

    Again I'm not a business guy, but anyone can tell you if we can't afford to run the servers the project is dead.

    Nobody can predict the financial future of any venture. I'm a believer in doing what you love and as long as you love it you can keep working on it.
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      Daniel Oakfield
      10 months ago
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      Function description

      I'm Looking for someone to create some soundscapes and advise on creation/selection of in-game sound effects such as walking and shooting. I consider the audio absolutely key to creating a beautiful game experience, and I have many samples and examples of the direction I would like the music to go in.


      You're able to create 3-100 second soundtracks / soundscapes in decent quality or just want to have fun and contribute to a crazy game.


      I'm not thinking of this project primarily as an economic venture ( I just want this game to exist ), but I will make a vested equity agreement and offer a salary if the game generates sustainable revenue.
    Jaime Monsalve 11 months ago
    Hello Christopher! Are you still in need of a 3d artist?
    Christopher Shelley 10 months ago
    I sure am! Please send me some examples of your previous work

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