Funeral March

by tyler frank


    Looking for modelers to join a small development team of a narrative driven "walking simulator". 5 months progress.

    The project is a walking simulator type game (think Gone Home or What Remains of Edith Finch). It follows five friends who return from their colleges to their hometown after the sixth member of their group, Hunter, passes away. The night before the funeral, they stay over in Hunter's house, each walking through the home and experiencing it in unique and surreal ways as they struggle to process what they are feeling.

    Five months of progress so far. We have three programmers (though one does mainly level design) working on it within unity. We have one full time modeler. We have a puzzle designer who focuses on crafting every puzzle for the characters. I function as the writer, as well as the lead designer, and provide the music.

    My part

    I am the lead designer, writer, and composer. I also provide some art assets to be hung on the walls. This game is a passion project for me, and I am pouring a lot of time and energy into making sure this is something that ends up being memorable.

    Work for the game begun in the end of March roughly. As such, there is plenty of completed work I can show anyone who is interested.

    (Expected) Revenue

    It's hard to predict revenue, since sales for the game can be difficult to estimate. A conservative estimate would be 10,000$, and a more liberal one would be in the hundreds of thousands. That being said, the plan is to split revenues evenly among the group.

    Risks & challenges

    The challenge right now is finding additional artists for the game, as the need for models is at this point a bit too much for one person to handle.

    The risk is that if we can't find a modeler we'd have to compromise out vision for the game. In terms of the business aspect, the risk for any game is finding a customer base who it resonates with, and who will buy it. There is the potential for any game to flop, but we are confident our game can not only move units, but contend for awards.
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      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      We will need a modeler(s) who can produce detailed 3D models found inside a house. There will also be some more "exotic" models to be made, but the majority are household objects and decorations.


      Familiarity with maya and Unity, and the capacity to get models turned in quickly and efficiently. The ability to meet during the week for group skype calls.


      Profit sharing, as well as a great experience with a very enthusiastic, fun group of developers! (Hopefully we are fun).

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