First Person Psychological Horror Game

by Andrew


    I have been making this game for a while now in UE4, but I need a replacement for the person who was making textures..

    Gameplay and story ;

    In short, its going to be a first person psychological horror game set some time in the 19th century, taking place on an island with a lighthouse and house on it. The light in this lighthouse has recently gone out, and it is assumed the previous residents have died somehow. Your character will sail to this island (haven't decided why yet) and his boat will get destroyed by something unseen to the player, and you will be forced to swim to shore. There will be no other boat or means of transportation at this island, leaving you stranded here. I want the story to be very mysterious, and have multiple endings. The gameplay will have some optional puzzles to solve, and run and hide mechanics similar to the game "Outlast". I also want almost everything in this game to revolve around a sanity meter, which will effect which ending you get. I will tell you more if you decide to contact me.

    What me and my team has built so far (updated);

    Quite a lot has changed since the last teamups page about this game. We now have some 3D assets for when the game is finished, like chairs, tables, lanterns, and the dock/shed, which all just need to be textured. We now have sound effects for wind, water, footsteps, doors creaking, lanterns swinging, and the players heartbeat. The panic and sanity system has now been implemented, so now at the start of a game, only his shadow will be visible and he wont attack you, but later in the game he will become visible and chase/kill you like in Outlast. You can now show your characters thoughts (current objective) by pressing T and you can activate various objects to show what the character thinks about them, or pick them up and have them stored in your inventory. 

    My part

    I am self taught in Unreal Engine 4 blueprinting, Animation and Level Design.

    (Expected) Revenue

    No money has been spent on this game whatsoever so far, so This is purely a hobby project, however I might put a very low price tag on the game when its done (maybe 10 dollars max) We will split what this makes as evenly as possible, assuming everyone does roughly the same amount of work.

    Risks & challenges

    There will be nothing to lose with this game, because no money has been spent on it, and at the moment there are no release dates set for the game. We will be ready to make the first trailer soon though, so then (if it gets some attention) we will have people expecting to see more, so then we will have to work a lot faster to not disappoint people.
      • 3D Model Texture Maker

      • 2-4 h.p.w
      Steve Grey
      10 months ago
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      Function description

      Make and apply textures to various 3D objects. You will be given the models, and will just need to texture them to look like example pictures I will give. We already have several models you can texture. Some textures will need to be tileable (for the landscape, for example), and most will need normal maps. Also we might need you to make some 2D textures occasionally, for things like pages of a book, drawings, etc, but your main role will be to texture 3D objects. The person who makes models for me works in Blender, but it should be ok for you to work in whatever software you want.


      You should have some experience with making textures for 3D objects (2D doesn't count). You can be self taught and dont need to be a pro, but you should be able to make some tileable textures, and some with normal maps.


      A portion of whatever this game makes, but no payment as you work. This is a hobby project, so don't go into this looking to get rich.

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