Island Survival Grounds

by Andi Rock

partially successful

    Looking for people to help make some kind of mix of a Survival / RPG / Sandbox game with lots of interactivity.

    I have so many ideas and there are a few documents when you get on board you can go through.  We have a writer who has written a really great premise and entry for the game.  Right now we are going to focus on single player to get something to help fund it, but I envision this as an amazing multiplayer experience incorporating Survival, RPG, and Battle Royale elements into a single fun mode where you get to do it all without a grind in a single roughly 1-2 hour long session. 

    I also think it could be very cool to have tools like in Garrys Mod so that players can tack random materials together and make their own creations that aren't prefabs.

    I have ideas to explore multiple very different game modes and then decide to settle on one or more of them.

    We will start with a short single player tech demo / tutorial more than likely and then seek funding to develop a full single player campaign and multiplayer modes.  I have tons and tons of ideas and very interesting multiplayer mode ideas. 


    There is a slack setup and a repo setup on GitLab. 

    My part

    I have been a gamer for 30 years. The first game engine I played with was the Build engine from the original Duke Nukem 3D. Have dabbled with it off and on since then, and since I discovered unity I decided I want to try to put my dream game together.

    I can do unity tasks not including scripting. I will be doing my part in world / map design, composing music and / or sound fx but open to others on this as well.

    I have a few devs on board so far and we are in need of animators / artists and also interested in more devs so if it sounds up your alley hit us up.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Unknown. Want to build prototype and build team then seek funding if we get something really viable in order to finish it properly. And eventually go for early access release on steam.

    I am more interested in making my dream game than profit, but of course an amazing game would lead to profit if we pull it off.

    Risks & challenges

    Combining lots of elements together, but remembering to focus on fun more than anything and not let anything cripple the fun.

    Narrowing down a million ideas into something do-able without losing it's magic.
      • Programmers

      • 4-8 h.p.w
      Cody Trent
      1 year ago
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      Function description

      Make the game come alive through interactivity. Making vehicle controllers, trigger scripts, events, multiplayer, game modes, and more.


      C# / Unity scripting skills.


      Rev-share whatever is fair. Let me know.
      • Animators Texture Artists 3D Artists

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Provide animations, textures, and possibly 3D Assets for devs. Animators are the most important right now.


      Must own software and be able to animate 3D models.


      Team members will all be fairly and justly compensated out of rev-share when the time comes.

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