Scrabble Bloxorz Hybrid Bloxiko

by Swavek Zielinski


    Scrabble/Bloxorz hybrid word game - the two game mechanics combined into one.

    I started working on this game last year and made some progress (see early dev video) working with another unity developer, but he was unable to continue working with on this project. After a long break I'm coming back to making this game a reality and looking for at least one other person who likes the game concept. It's mainly a new form Scrabble that has long term longevity and revenue potential. It's two very successful game mechanics mixed together. It can be deployed to various formats, from basic web page to Android, iOS and on facebook. It can be built thru crowdfunding or steam (I have yet to try either so anyone with this experience would be helpful).


    General Gameplay: Players earn points by constructing words using a 3D block they move into position on the game board then moving the block into one of the square scoring holes. There are various word and letter scoring board panels that affect the score of each play. The game is played simultaneously by multiple players until there are no more letters left and the player who has scored the most points wins. Success to winning is both as much about word construction as it is about swiftly getting around the board.

    The gameplay is open to simplification and change, with this gameplay I hope to convey the general spirit and mechanics of the game. There are two ways the game can go and I'm not sure which one is best until I play. The first one is more straight forward and you move your Block around to place your letters to form words. The second option is that when you place the letters down on the game board once your Block is moved blocks pop up to create obstacles on the game board (see 3rd and 4th image in my album of game interface). This is a game that needs to be done in 3D like Unity, but I'm new to game design and maybe there are other ways around.

    I'm open to making a demo for crowd funding but not sure if this is a right game for that. I do think it's something that can appeal to a lot of people. It's got the quiet classic side of scrabble and the dynamic action play mechanics of bloxorz. The problem I have with currently playing a game like Scrabble is that anyone can reference a cheat site during play and basically cheats. This mashup solves the problem and is cheat proof as you have to get around the board to score.

    My part

    I will be working primarily on gameplay and graphics, secondarily coding. My background is mainly graphic design and product design. I've developed and published 2 simple games in Unity (Blackish Holes and Flippy Bottlecap) and recently Match My Balls a match-3 sports themed (mostly a reskin but several features builf from scratch). Generally I'm a creative person and coding is not my strength. I'm currently working in Unity and Blender and searching for a team member(s) to collaborate on this project. Honestly I'm not a true "gamer", and some of the games I've played and really enjoyed are scrabble and bloxorz so this is something that I really want to make happen.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Open to one, several or all formats. Start with one and see how it tests and feedback.

    Mobile (Android/iPhone): Larger screen size allows for this game to translate to mobile platform. Paid with no ads and/or free with in-app features.

    Facebook: Free version utilizing biggest social network. Scrabble and spin off Words with Friends established and proven successful similar type of games. Ad revenue. Potential in game purchase selling the variable aspects (more options) of the game.

    Tablets (iPad): paid with no ads and/or free with in-app features.

    Desktop: Ad revenue and/or free with in-app features.

    Risks & challenges

    The game might take longer or be more difficult to implement. The game might not catch on or make money.
      • Programmer

      • 4-8 h.p.w
      Mindaugas Pocius
      10 months ago
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      Function description

      Lead programmer to implement game play working within a game engine such as Unity3D, using C#, Python, Java or any language that can be used ideally for this type of word game. I'm gaining experience in Unity development but not a native programmer.


      Ideally you have experience in making a multiplayer word game and publishing on Facebook and/or Android/iPad.


      Percentage if there is any profit. Revenue share split equally.

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