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    Online multiplayer fast-paced space shooter needs non-programming based volunteer help from people with passion for this

    Spaced Out (working title) is a 2d online multiplayer match-based space shooter game. The match-making and game types are similar to a typical first person shooter, but the game is 2d top down. Game modes include Free for All, Team Deathmatch, and CTF. Players control ships they can outfit with different weapons and accessories in between rounds. The engine supports future expansion of many more game modes, including potential for MMO space shooter RPG. There is not a whole lot to say as the concept is a straight-forward action game. Much of the mechanics specifics remain to be determined (and in fact that is an area I could use help).

    My part

    SpacedOut (working title) is an online multiplayer fast-paced space shooter for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It uses all free assets from places like and the game will be free to play. I am currently doing this project solo and could use help. I have the technical side covered, what I could always use is sprite art, non-coding based game designers, level designers, website developer, play testers, etc. There are many ways to contribute to help make this project a success. I have been focusing on the programming of the game with little attention to anything like art, marketing, distribution, etc.
    I have been programming/making games for 19 years, starting at the age of 10. My abilities have coalesced and I am ready for a larger scope professional-grade product, but made freely available to give back to the free online game community that gave me so much in my my youth and inspired me to make videogames.
    I am looking to continue in the general lead role and maintain control of technical aspects (besides website). I am willing to let go of a lot of creative control if someone shows a commitment to this project.

    (Expected) Revenue

    The game will be free to play (ALWAYS), but once it has a playerbase I plan to sell non-advantageous perks to players (and maybe some advantageous ones, but it will not be a freemium title). Anyone who shows a commitment to the project can be signed on for a % of future earnings.

    Risks & challenges

    Without capital, I am limited to free art sound and music. Indie game development is very popular right now so a lot of free resources exist, but the vision will be irrefutably shaped by artistic limitations.
      • Designer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Help design the core concept of game, as well as specifics (entity densities, frictions, velocities, etc) It's an online space shooter, what do you bring to the table to differentiate it?


      I care about what you can do for me, not what you have done before, but it couldn't hurt to mention any past game design experience.


      Percentage of profit available, can discuss. Percentage of company possible, this is the first major title.
      • Sprite Artist

      • 1-2 h.p.w
      11 months ago
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      Function description

      Sprite Artist for a space shooter. nuff said.


      Sprite Artist for a space shooter. nuff said.


      I will offer you everything in the world I can except cash up front. Percentages, whatever. I NEED ART.
    Michael Whitlock 11 months ago
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