by Nagy Dani


    Morowel is a new generation MMORPG. Where the hard work always pays off in the end.Join now and be part of an adventure!

    Project Morowel is an online PvP oriented RPG game with lots of possibilities, a Sandbox game inspired by myths and stories from our history. This is a big project, meaning we dont want and wont publish/make an average  MMO. Our plan is to maintain many servers and regions and have a huge number of players.

    Game Features:

    Various type of tournaments. 
    -No1. (Fighter of the Pits) Everyone can try their skills against each others. The winner will be rewarded by the Pit Masters.
    -No2. (Knight of the Castles) Every knight has to buy their place for the competitions. With every victory, you will win money from your opponent.
    -No3. (Champion of the Guilds) The guilds can send there own champion for the tournament. Every guild can nominate only one champion.

    War among the factions
    - There are so many treasures in the abandoned cities in the heart of the isle. They can increase your reputation as the True Explorer of Morowel or provide you with huge amounts of gold after selling them on the Black Market.
    -There will be plenty of opportunities to show your commitment: you can conquer new lands in the name of your faction or just take one from your enemies.
    -If you get bored playing in the safety of the land, you can buy a new ship and hire a crew to sail away and discover a new lands for new supply routes.

    -Dwarves, Fauns, Minotaurs and Humans
    -At the begining of the story, four different races had arrived and started building the glorious city of Morowel. Every race has there distinctive attributes, strengths and weaknesses equally.

    -We are planning to create a new class system, which will make the game more unique. Our classes will only have a few skills, and  the players can combinate their own and their teammate's skills.

    -There are dozens of different crafting guilds and they are providing you crafting contracts. You can claim these everyday. The contracts will control of the extractions on these new lands, but if you have an urgent business, you can pay for a new and much better contract.

    The players can build or buy different types of houses in various places. At the beginning there are 5 different houses, each with a purpose (Farm house, Miner's cabin, Hunting lodge, Fisherman's hut and Townhouse). Every house type is available for everyone. These houses will generate different types of crafting materials.
    -We will use a special decoration system, so every player can decorate their house, by their own taste, so no two building will be the same in the lands of Morowel.

    -The players will control the economy. Using the crafting contract system, all in-game prices will be decided by the individual guilds. They will shape and control it mostly, but from time to time, they forget about the crafting contracts, so they have to be patient and sometimes wait a day with their ideas.

    If the players leave the PvP zone, but still want to practice, they can go to one of the abandoned mines, or ruined cities for PvE adventures. There are two types of adventures (5 or 10 person per group)

    At the beginning of the game the players are able to join and create Guilds. They can buy and sell their property in the auction house, or store their precious values in one of the underground vaults. The players have to choose their faction during game-play, not in the character creation menu.

    My part

    I am the lead programmer at Snowburn Studios. I'm also doing the character animations and organizing the whole project, coop with the partners.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Our goal is to push the project to Kickstarter. After a successful Kickstarter we can pay fair amount of money and monthly payment.

    Risks & challenges

    The main challenge is finding dedicated core members to our team.
    The goal is simple: Make the game, publish it and maintain/ improve it.
    We promise this will be a journey you never forget, with fun, hard work and friends!
      • Concept Artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      -What we’re looking for We’re looking for someone with art and designing skills. The main task would involve creating the concept art of the game: sketches, drawings etc. about the lands, the races. Mainly we need someone who can work with definitive ideas. We have specific ideas about the lands, houses, parts of the races, but other than that, we're also looking for your input and creativity as well, because our drawing skills are limited. Since we’re just starting out, we can only pay after we publish some form of the game, and start receiving subscription fees from the players. For that reason we’re mostly looking for students or artists who are also starting out in the field. We’re happy to answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


      -You have to be proficient in both traditional and digital drawing/art. -Making characters, landscapes. -Necessary to adapt to the team. -Ability to create stylized characters -Good color schemes


      After a positive outcome, a fair share of what we make from the game. +Permanent place in our team.
    Raihan Erviansyah 3 years ago
    Morowel = Morrowind xD I'm interested,
    Chris Weston 3 years ago
    Hello, I am interested in your project. I only have one issue... How big is your team? This type of game would take a huge amount of work and need a big team. There is a reason why games like Fallout have such a huge team of people working on them. I don't want to put a downer on your project, but unless you have a big experienced team there is no way you will ever finish this game.

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