Untitled Browser Based Game

by Alex Nepherius


    Browsed Based Financial/Economical Simulator

    The game will be a financial simulator where players will be able to convert virtual currency to real one and withdraw it.

    The idea is so simulate a real economy for example, players will be able duel/fight each other, for a small reward while consuming energy.

    Energy can be replenished by buying coffee or something like that.

    Players can open companies that produce coffee and sell it to other players. To produce coffee you'll need several other products that will also be bought from player made companies and of course your company will need to hire players to produce anything.

    There will be multiple types of companies, raw materials, finished products, distribution, banks etc.

    This is just a part of the game, there will also be a stock market, multiple countries each with it's own currency, governments and so on.

    My part

    I will be handling the back-end of the game and some parts of the front-end like ajax,jquery,javascript.

    I've already started this project a while ago, working on the core of the game, registration and a few basic actions are already working.

    (Expected) Revenue

    The main income will be from the price of companies, licenses and virtual shares. Since the game will simulate a real life economy there will also be a small income from taxes. Small because most of the taxes will go back to the country budget.

    Risks & challenges

    At the moment it's only me working on this project and only a few hours a week so the progress is very slow.

    The game might actually never be released but at the very least it will be a good addition to your portfolio and you might even learn a few new thins, I know I did.
      • Web Designer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Create the front-end of the game, which involves quite a lot, design the website and handle all user interaction.


      Boostrap, HTML, CSS. Would be great but NOT REQUIRED if you can also handle: ajax,jquery,javascript


      Percentage if there is any profit.

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Targu Jiu, Romania
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