LJ West

Barking, United Kingdom


    Music Producer

    Short Bio

    My name is Zelladay, and I am a music producer / sound engineer. I have been creating music in FL Studio for 3+ years, and I am competent in working in a team and creating music in all sorts of genres. This ranges from Hip-Hop and R&B, to Classical music and many more!

    In order to contact me, either message me on Discord or send me an E-Mail.
    Discord: zelladay#2067
    E-Mail: lj_west@hotmail.com



    • Music Producer
    • Sound Engineer
    • FL Studio


    I have been producing music for 3+ years. I have a SoundCloud page which I used to use for uploading various types of house music, and I recently started getting into other genres. I am very confident in creating professional audio in:

    FL Studio 20.1
    Logic Pro X

    Here are some of my sounds (will be updating as time goes on):

    I currently have over 4 years experience in working outside the music industry, which is very helpful when it comes to working in a team and communicating with others.