Eugenio Delgado Figueroa

Nuevo León, Mexico





    Short Bio

    Hello, I am just a mere mod developer, so I'm not actually working on any big projects or games outside of this mod, although I don't discard working on one on the distant future.
    Truth being spoken, my team is going through a 'Spriter' shortage situation, since as it is right now, we only have a single one on the team.
    Now that you know that I'm not focusing on actual games, you might not take me or my project seriously, and I won't blame you for that, but as a matter of fact, I'm actually pretty dedicated to this project and I'm determined to finish it.


    • Lua. Mildly decent at it.


    My work experience is based off solely about this mod, since this mod is for a game called "The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+", who's API is meant to support Lua as it's main and only language for modding purposes.
    As a side note, this project has been through some difficult peaks, but I've managed to overcome them and learn from them (the project started on January 2017 and was recently rebooted on May 2018), so I have some experience regarding this topic.


    Join requests

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