Ali Morgan

Cairo, Egypt


    Video Game Developer


    Ali Morgan

    Short Bio

    Video game dev / Crossfitter / Adrenaline junkie / 50% human 50% pizza and pasta


    • Stencyl
    • CSharp
    • Programming
    • Coding
    • GameMaker
    • Construct2
    • AdobeIllustrator


    I started playing games when I was 3. I started making games when I was 15 (2011). During that time, I made a handful of games, but only released "BlackNYellow" and "Slippy Thief" on Android as a learning experience.
    I'm experienced with most game making tools (Game Maker, Construct 2, Stencyl, Game Salad, Unity).
    Oh, I'm also a logo designer (since 2012) on Freelancer and 99designs and I've won plenty of contests.


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