Sherard Temple

Denton, United States


    Electrical Engineering


    Pioneering Studios

    Short Bio

    About Me: I have been playing video games since I was 6 years old and am a first generation computer nerd. I had a grandparent whom work for IBM and I always was able to play on the first computers with monitors. In high school, I begun taking computer programming classes and during that time I developed a text based game using C++. In college, I changed majors from Computer Science to Electrical Engineering because at the time everyone was getting a computer science degree. I now work for a large software company who designs electronic design tools as a consultant.

    I am a Christian man whom values hard work and always learning something new. My priorities in life are God>Family>Myself>Others.

    My reasoning to want to start a company now over the last several years companies have decrease the complexity, decrease the quality, and decreased my enjoyment out of video games. If we are going to pioneer our way into the future, then we need to create the best quality games out there.




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