Duarte Garin

Sydney, Australia


    Software Engineer


    Digital Garden

    Short Bio


    My name is Duarte Garin and I come from Lisbon, Portugal.

    I am a professional software engineer, passionate surfer and incorrigible gamer.

    I come from a background in enterprise web applications and systems integration and I am an experienced business owner, project manager and frontend developer.

    Currently living in Sydney, I am working as a technical director for Digital Garden, where I combine my love for Drupal development, frontend and digital strategy.

    Also very interested in games, game design and game development, especially the adventure game genre, I'm currently working in an indie, sci-fia dventure game "The Seven Tides".


    • User Experience
    • Game Design
    • Unity
    • C
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Frontend Development


    Background in Computer Science and working professionally as the technical director of a leading web development agency in Sydney. I bring maturity in project management methodologies and technical leading. Obsessive adventure game player and very seasoned technologist.



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