Levi Geers

Gouda, Netherlands


    Game Developer study

    Short Bio

    I am a highly motivated programmer from the netherlands looking for a motivated team to make games with.


    • programming
    • csharp
    • unity3d
    • unity2d


    I am a gamedeveloper student who has a big passion for coding.
    At school we have made several games within a rather short time.

    Now I am looking for a team to start making games with.

    At school we use C# and work in Unity. We also learn 3D modeling and that is been done in Autodesk Maya. For the 2D stuff we learn, which is very basic though, we use Photoshop and Illustrator. We also learn design by the way.
    This is all so that we can communicate, help and correct the artists if we find a problem with for example a model.