Pat Gamble

Wentzville, United States


    Indie Game Industry


    Tinman Studios, LLC

    Short Bio

    C.E.O. and founder of Tinman Studios, LLC. I love video games and now the goal is to make this my family and I's livelihood.

    With a wonderful wife who supports me and two beautiful daughters, a man couldn't be happier. And we all love to game, so what's more to want?


    • CSharp
    • WebDevelopment
    • Managment
    • Team Building


    Worked in the web development field for a little while, mostly front end stuff utilizing C#.

    A lot of my management and team building comes from volunteering with teens. If you can manage teens, everything else is child's play. Also, I've gained a lot of confidence in this area building an indie game team and working long hours together with them.