David Heary

Indiana, United States




    Short Bio

    From a young age, I always said that I would make video games when I grew up. Now I'm grown up, worked on several projects, and realize how hard it is to do graphics on my own. I searched on Google and found this website, where I hope to join several groups and expand my project portfolio, in the hopes that one day Blizzard will find my experience worth giving a shot in the big leagues.

    I put years into learning Unity 3D, and look forward to working with a team to put my passion to good use.

    My favorite types of games are strategy based games, RTS, turn based, survival, and simulations like KSP. I play practically everything, but these are my relaxing favorites.


    • Unity 3D
    • RTS
    • Platforms
    • Survival
    • C++
    • C Sharp
    • Java
    • Javascript
    • blender, gimp, audacity


    I do not have any professional experience. I will update this as time goes on.