Bratislava, Slovakia


    Student at an IT school in Bratislava


    School: SPŠE Hálova

    Short Bio

    I was born in 2003 May and I started programming 3-4 years ago, and I really enjoy it and I have tried to make some games multiple time, but I have never succeed because I didn't have any graphic designer or any idea what should the game be unique in, so I have just done the engine and left them. I have also done a simple Chat program in Java, but the Internet Hosting company that we had the internet from didn't allow me to set up a port forwarding, so I was able to test it only on a LAN network. Right now I'm at the 1st grade of a middle school learning IT stuff and I live right now in a college for secondary school.


    • Programming
    • Java
    • C++


    I'm creating games/game engines for myself just for fun and learning purposes. In Java I'm really good and I'm learning C++ also.



    Curently no active teamups


    No previous projects