The Iron Tyrant


    Video Production and Level Design



    Short Bio

    When I design I work in "themes". These themes act as the core pillars of the project regardless of what medium it is in. The theme elicits an emotion, or an implicit idea, which guides the direction and shape of the design.

    Personally, I am a freelance writer, director, and editor in video production. It was through this process that I began to dabble in environmental design in Unity and Unreal Engine 4 in order to be more hands on in my video capture.

    I have a degree in social studies and English which help guide my detail knowledge in all the work that I do. Key historical and geographical details help guide how I design levels, and my experience in writing has helped me create video scripts and game design documents.

    In addition, I have used photoshop to design my own graphics, as well as those that are used in-games, videos, and on merchandise.


    • LevelDesign
    • GameDesign
    • Writing
    • Scripts
    • Editing
    • VideoProduction
    • CSharp



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