About us

Each journey starts in its own way but a hero is never alone. It could be a new product, an innovative service, a new business or just an amazing project. Perhaps you don’t know anybody with a certain type of skills around you? Or you might just want to meet new international creative minds Here at Teamups, we will help you create you own dream team in no time.

Teamups is a free platform that brings skilled and talented human beings together. We sponsor innovation and creativity on a simple platform by helping people to create or join teams.

We are a skill-funding platform compared to your usual crowd-funding platform. Our users look for talents and skills to create their projects to succeed. Our company motto is to invest spare time into a project for its vision rather than money. Once you create your team, it is up to the team members to discuss payment options and organization. As a team, you are responsible for deciding how profits are divided.

Look at us as a pre-kickstarter service. You have this awesome idea in your head but you are on your own? Not anymore! Our lovely community is here to team up with you.